Team Building

What are your goals?

Workshops remote und vor Ort

Let's go outside!

Collaboration is key

Complex challenges can be championed by good collaboration in high performing teams. I support you and your team to get there.

You have some agile teams working and want to scale this way of working?

Based on experience in various industries I'm supporting organizational change. I'm coaching upper management to offer the right foundation for successfull teams.

What is your current challence? Let's have a conversion!

Manuela Stark


Good collaboration is the success factor for groups, teams and organizations. Let's pay more attention to it - to make our work more successfull!


Organizational Advisory

Across all hierarchies we define longterm goals in collaborative workshops.

Team Coaching

What challenges is your team facing?

Process Optimization

Are you working with excel files? Let's analyse your business processes to identify improvements by automatization.